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Ever wondered how to choose thoughtful gifts? It’s just that unwanted gifts are the worst. You can’t get rid of them but you don’t want to use them either, so they keep on piling up over the years and take up your precious space and energy when you’re trying to organize your home.

As a bit of a minimalist, I tend to be very careful when gift shopping so I don’t cause this kind of burden to people. Here are some of the things I always keep in mind when choosing a gift.

1. Give a Consumable Gift

The best kind of gifts are those that bring joy and then disappear afterwards. There are so many great options for giving consumable gifts. A bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, any kind of food, spices, tea, bath products, cosmetics, the list goes on.

2. Or a Perishable Gift

Spare your recipient the burden of throwing it away eventually because it won’t be a matter of choice. Flowers are a great example, or socks.

3. Give a Gift with Meaning

Gifts with a sentimental message are the best. Write a hand-written letter, print a photo and write a message on it, craft something totally unexpected and surprise your recipient. They won’t mind having to make extra storage space for that.

4. Keep It Small

Nevertheless, don’t go overboard and make an enormous photo album. Things do pile up. A heart-felt message will be as sweet and meaningful on a cute tiny card as it will be on a large 3D greeting card.

5. Gift an Activity

The best gifts are often in the form of memories. Take your special someone on a fun activity. It could be something simple like a dinner, cooking class or a weekend trip. Not intending to spend time with them? Get them a ticket to a sports game, concert, theme park or anything you want.

6. Is Your Gift Useful?

When giving a tangible gift, make sure it’s not going to be another thing lying around the house. The best kind of gifts are those that are useful and make life easier for your recipient – ex.: slippers that clean the floor. The worst kind of gifts are those that have absolutely no other purpose than being there – ex.: an ornament, a framed message etc.

7. Give a Choice

Gift cards may be the most appreciated form of gifts. If you think it’s too impersonal, get one with a customizable print or a personal message.

8. Give the Gift of Cash

If the occasion is appropriate, just gift some cash and let them buy something they really want. There are some pretty creative ways to gift cash, it won’t even look like you’re actually giving cash.

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