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Gift ideas for your broke roommate
Is your roommate always broke and using up your toothpaste, shampoo or even worse, your booze? On the next occasion, buy them one of their own so they can stop using yours! In my own days as somebody’s broke roommate, I always appreciated gifts that allowed me to reduce my necessity-expenses so I could spend more on fun stuff like happy hour or pizza. Some great gift examples are:

  • Bath products
  • Booze
  • Snacks or food
  • Vouchers, coupons, gift cards etc.

Here are some fun gift ideas for your broke roommate that’ll put a smile on her/his face.

Beer Fund Piggy Bank

Inspire your roommate to save money. The beer fund is a cute gift idea but I also like this piggy bank shaped like a sneaker.

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Box Wine

Yes, there are wines that come in a box that are quite drinkable. I always have a 3-liter box in my kitchen ready to pour. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, they also have great box wine for incredible prices.

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Cute Lunch Box

Motivate your roommate to make lunch every day with these SunnyLIFE super cute lunch boxes. They are eco friendly made with bamboo and non-toxic silicone band.

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Fancy Shampoo

Get a fancy shampoo as a gift for your roommate. Then, secretly use it yourself too. My favorite fancy shampoo is Aesop.

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Bath Set

The Body Shop gift sets make great inexpensive gift ideas for your broke roommate because they include useful bath products that your roommate would otherwise have to buy.

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Starbucks Tumbler Packed with Via Coffee

We would all go broke if we bought a drink at Starbucks every day. Just get your roommate a Starbucks tumbler and stuff a couple packs of Starbucks Via Instant Coffee in there. It tastes just as good as in store and is such a money saver!

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Gift cardsGift Cards

Gift cards are so so much appreciated for people who are broke. It’s the best feeling to treat yourself to a venti caramel macchiato without any money leaving your pocket. My favorite gift cards are Visa gift cards because you can use them for literally everything except withdrawing cash.

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Good and Cheap Cookbook

According to this book, you can eat well for $4 a day. Inspire your roomie to cook cheap and save money.

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Mason Jar Survival Kit Gift

Get a mason jar and stuff it with some small inexpensive gifts like lip balm, hand cream, cereal bars, instant coffee sticks, mini liquor bottle, you get the idea. Head to Pinterest for some amazing mason jar gift ideas.

$100 Bills Toilet Paper

Feel like a millionaire with this $100 bill toilet paper.

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